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The Money Reform Party

Star Woes

Book 1: A New Creed

by Anne Belsey

How to save the galaxy with just a knowledge of basic accountancy and an understanding of the money supply system!

"It's like a financial black-hole," he gasped.

"That is a very good way of looking at it, colonel. It is a debt that will eventually consume all credit, even that which it has created."

"It's criminal," decided the colonel.

"No, it's all perfectly legal."

"Well, it should be criminal; it's immoral; it's unethical. It is the most venal sleight of hand that ever was conceived! And when you think what the Debt Star cost, and what it did... It crippled the U-Sector government financially. Their taxes were so high that they forced the creation of the Galactic Empire, at the point of the Debt Star's neutron-laser, to spread the cost of the debt over other planets and federations. But, you know, I never realised that the money that was borrowed to build it never existed in the first place!"

"You understand our mission now, colonel?"

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